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Hello! I’m Demian Brown.

I’ve devoted my life’s work for over twenty years to my lifelong passion for understanding and helping people by publishing personal/professional research, participating in a very broad range of clinical and supervisory experiences, developing and implementing hospital based policies to meet patient needs, running agency programs while participating in hospital multi-disciplinary health teams and assisting Toronto college and university Psychology Professors delivering course material. Currently accepting new clients for men's issues and addiction.

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What is depression? What is the difference between depression and clinical depression? What are the symptoms of depression? Can depression be treated with therapy or counselling?

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EMDR stands for “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing”
“It’s not hypnosis and unlike hypnosis you are always in control at every point in the process.”

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Anxiety is an unpleasant but normal and common experience. Throughout our lives, we will all feel occasional apprehension, dread, or fear of particular circumstances or people.

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Our harm reduction substance abuse program aims to help you understand why you use subtances while helping you to address the behaviours that sustain your use. Click below to read more.

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Grief and Loss are the most painful, intense, brutal, overwhelming, devastating, and often frightening of all of our experiences. Symptoms include emotional, physical and even spiritual changes.

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In The Media


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Different ways our bodies react to anxiety

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